Ann Hughart Branham

IceCreamSocial_4233I was never a creative kid. No arts and crafts in my school days. But my mother was an artist, among many other talents. One of my brothers grew up to become an artist too, while his twin is a published novelist and screenwriter. Even my half-sister was a published writer. But I was a tomboy, never happier than when on my horse or playing sports – or reading. As far as I knew, I had no creative side.

But about 15 years ago a friend suggested I try a beading class – stringing beads on wire, how hard could that be. My husband was ill, I had closed my private practice (clinical social work), and I needed something to take me out of myself, help cope with our worries. To my surprise, this was it.

I use beads and findings from all over the world, some from my travels, some from my step-daughter’s postings as a foreign service officer, and some from Tucson’s annual gem shows. I love mixing it up, using color contrasts, odd spacing, differently-textured beads, crosses from Ethiopia, milagros from Mexico, and beads from Africa, Afghanistan, China, Latin America, Jordan, Thailand, Arizona – all over. Playing around with beads has become a bright spot in my busy life.

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