Carol Brooks Parker

Carol Brooks Parker Photography


My goal is to create fine art images, utilizing the camera as an artistic medium, capturing images that serve as a foundation upon which I continue to build in the digital darkroom.
My eclectic portfolio is influenced by my lifestyle. My husband and I take frequent extended trips to the South Pacific aboard a cruising yacht. As a result my image collection is heavily weighted towards exotic locales and seascapes. I am also a certified advanced open water scuba diver so my camera accompanies me both above and below the water. When home from the sea I concentrate on nature, wildlife and equestrian subjects.


   Agora Gallery, New York City, NY


   Old Fort Lowell Artists Group, Tucson, AZ
   Professional Member Equestrian Photographers Network


   2010 Worlds of Possibilities, Northern Trust Bank, Tucson, AZ
   2014 The Substance of Form, Agora Gallery, New York City, NY
   2014 Best of Nature Photography Show, San Diego Museum of Natural History, San Diego, CA
   2014 Old Fort Lowell Artist Group 1st Exhibition, Tucson, AZ
   2015 Illumination, An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography, Agora Gallery, New York City, NY
   2016 Contemporary Masters, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, NV
   2016 Animalia, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT
   2016 Old Fort Lowell Artist Groups 2nd Exhibition, Tucson, AZ

Recent Publications:

   2016 Current Masters Volume 1     page 176 (alphabetical)
  • A folio of four selected images – 8.5″ x 11″ Photographs on Fine Art Paper
  • Greeting Cards, 8 to a box, 4 related images

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