James (Mike) Huffer

James M. Huffer – Sculpture/Digital Art

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.47.58 PMHow do you put down in words a process that has nothing to do with words? To me that’s the problem with writing an “artist’s statement,” and yet i know that people who look at art (including myself) may ask: “where did that image come from? How was it made? Why represent it that way?”

So i’ll start by giving a general answer that will work for anything i do, whether it’s two- dimensional or three-dimensional: all my work starts with some perception from an experience i’ve had, something i responded to visually and thought about until i was ready to express it as a print or an object. Almost always, my titles will point in the direction of where the work started. But my work is non-representational, so the titles can be confusing unless you accept that they just indicate a starting point in the real world – where the print or object has ended up is another matter.

What both my two- and three-dimensional work share is the process of giving life to some-thing that exists only in my visual imagination, something where the components have all been pulled free of any familiar meaning. That’s it. When you’re looking at my work, you really just have to say: “Do I like it? Does it “work” for me?” because if you look for a meaning in my work, you’re not going to find one. They are meant to be purely visual experiences, but as the observer, you may find your own visual experience.

  • Balancing Act Two – 20′ X 39.75″ Digital Print, 2/20 – $400.00
  • Native American Influenced – 27′ X 33″ Digital Print, 1/15 – $450.00
  • Memphis Design One – 28″ x 37″ Digital Print, 1/15 – $500.00
  • Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. – 35.5″ x 44.75″ Digital Print 1/10 – $575.00
  • Counter Balance – 28H x 25W x 8D Sculpture – $1,800.00
  • Marking the Spot – 28H x 14W x 21D Sculpture – $1,200.00


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